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​What Is The Led Point Light Soruce
Nov 27, 2018

What is the led point light soruce? 

How about the application? What make it so popular in facade lighting project? Today we will start to show you more new design , news about the lighting product. Welcome join in us to discuss. welcome contact us shled2@szshled.com www.facadeled.com The led point light source , also can call it led grid light is easy to install. It includes lights, bracket, steel wire, connector, driver and controller. We’ll assemble all things together, all you need to do is just hang up on the place you want and turn it on. It’s just that easy and simple. We always put quality in the first place. Speaking of our lights. 1.Patented design: this is our mode design with patent 2.Led chip: We use Taiwan Epistar led chip, which is has high brightness and good color. 3.Glue : all round PU glue sealing, hard to crack with high protection grade. The whole product has Cold-resistant, UV-resistant and flame resistant function. IP Grade is 68, specially designed for project use.

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