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Led Lighting Project Knowledge
Nov 30, 2018

1. LED digital tube, also known as LED guardrail tube, LED guardrail light, LED outline light; this product is often used to do the building outline installation, KTV door or advertising signs, as well as highway and bridge guardrail lighting projects; can achieve colorful water, chase , scanning and other effects; if made into LED digital tube screen (LED digital signboard) can produce a variety of dazzling animations and patterns, you can also play video; text and graphics.

LED digital tube is as large as classification: according to the effect can be divided into:

Monochrome is always bright red, yellow, blue, green, white; colorful is divided into: single-segment colorful gradient jump; true six-segment, true eight-segment, 12-segment, 16-segment, 32-segment, 48-segment, etc.;

led linear light (6)

According to the control method is divided into:

Internal control and external control; the internal control LED guardrail tube is to write the required program directly into the working IC chip of the LED guardrail tube, and can directly run out of the pattern after the power is turned on; the external control in short need external control The controller is divided into an offline system and an online system; the online system refers to a control system that is attached to the computer and works (used for LED digital tube screen); the offline system does not need to be attached to the computer, and after the power is connected The control signal can be input to drive the LED guardrail tube.

2. LED rainbow tube, also known as LED light strip, LED beautiful light; is one of the most commonly used products in lighting engineering, and the price is relatively cheap, is the LED lighting products that many customers love. It is mainly suitable for places where the cost is not high, and the required effect does not need to be too dazzling; it can be used as a building or signboard outline; iron or word styling; ceiling or KTV slat decoration.

LED rainbow tube classification: round two lines, round three lines, flat two lines, square two lines, flat three lines, flat four lines, flat five lines, flat seven lines, etc.; red, yellow, blue, green, white, red + blue, red and green Blue, red, yellow, blue, red, yellow, blue, green, etc.; generally the jump mode can achieve the flashing effect through the controller.

3. LED decorative lights series have LED star lights (LED string), LED net lights, LED waterfall lights, LED stars. These are generally used for flower or wood or small landscape decoration. For example: a tree to do a lighting effect, you can use a series of LED star lights, wrap the branches, and then flash through the controller, it becomes a colorful flashing LED Christmas tree lights.

 festoon lighting fair

There are many products, not listed here, commonly used LED point light source, LED neon light, LED electronic display, LED flood light, LED high power wall washer, LED underground light, LED underwater light, LED landscape tree LED blister characters are also commonly used in metal halide lamps, sodium lamps, etc.

These need to be slowly understood, in order to truly recognize these products, select the corresponding lighting fixtures in the project.

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