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Design Features Of Entertainment Lighting
Jun 25, 2018

(1) main lighting, auxiliary lighting and decorative lighting: Traditional lighting design main lighting often plays a leading role, and in many leisure and entertainment venues, conventional main lighting such as fluorescent lamps are almost not used, and a large number rely on auxiliary lighting and decorative lighting to achieve basic lighting, foil environment and situation decorative effects, such as the use of optical fiber lighting,

Indirect illumination (halo, etc.).

(2) Lighting and material matching: In the decoration, in addition to a large number of use of stainless steel, glass and stone, in many places of leisure and entertainment, a large number of uses of acrylic, crystal, and through the combination of lighting and soft decoration, brought a lot of innovative results, especially with optical fiber lighting and LED lighting, will produce unexpected wonderful effect

(3) The use of new lighting design elements: in the modern leisure and entertainment, optical fiber and led these two new elements of a large number of applications, is a modern lighting design characteristics. (4) The basic elements of lighting and environment match: modern leisure and entertainment, lighting design not only stay in the basic function of lighting, and more attention to the creation of the environment and style, through the lighting of the new elements of the use and illumination of local strengthening, the overall production or Cusing, or warm, or luxurious, or elegant and other effects.

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