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Design Principles Of Entertainment Lighting
Jun 25, 2018

(1) Overall positioning and lighting style: No matter what place, in the design to fully consider and clear its overall positioning and overall style, we in the decoration of the basic design will be more attention, in the lighting design is often overlooked, only to consider a number of new lighting elements of a lot of new techniques to move, destroying the overall effect and overall style,

Even produce light pollution.

(2) Emphasis on auxiliary lighting to strengthen decorative lighting: the basic properties of modern leisure and entertainment is a social place, is a leisure place, he paid more attention to a kind of environment to create a atmosphere, so he is more focused on auxiliary lighting and decorative lighting.

(3) The functional considerations of lighting: In the lighting design of leisure and entertainment venues, emphasizing decorative lighting, but also must not overlook the functional requirements of lighting, such as the entrance, lobby, corridor and other public areas to ensure illumination, lighting collocation to prevent glare from the production. (4) Lighting Security considerations: Leisure and entertainment is a public place is often a place for people to gather, public security considerations are also critical, the first fire requirements of the safety lighting must be fully guaranteed, followed by public areas of electricity security considerations, such as some LED lighting venues as low as possible, not only to ensure safety,

Also can guarantee the stability of the product to prolong life.

(5) The humanized consideration of illumination: sometimes in order to create a tranquil and elegant environment, more indirect lighting to avoid the discomfort of direct lighting, to avoid large areas of strong sway, resulting in visual fatigue, as far as possible to avoid the arrangement of light intensity contrast too large, resulting in visual discomfort; in local public areas, such as staircases, should be configured with relevant instructions for lighting, such as light bands.

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