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Optical fiber applications for entertainment lighting
Jun 25, 2018

1, the characteristics of optical fiber: optical fiber lighting is one of the features of strong decorative, optical output through the optical, not only the light and shade can be adjusted, and the color is variable, is the dynamic night lighting more ideal method; the second is safe, the fiber itself is not charged, not afraid of water, not easy to damage, and small, soft and good, the use of a very safe,

The third is the long service life of optical fiber, and the maintenance work is very small. 

2, Optical fiber application sites: Optical fiber is mainly used in the star hotel private clubs, bars, Bar Entertainment, museum art ornaments, poor special places (such as oil depots, mining areas, caves), urban lighting and underwater illumination.

The reasonable application of optical fiber in the modern recreation and entertainment area will produce the visual effect of wonderful, and will greatly upgrade the decoration and the environment grade objectively. 

3, the use of optical fiber-----How to create a bright spot: optical fiber as a new type of decorative lighting now used more and more widely, it is very personalized color, to meet the different needs of people to light the environment, but also according to People's imagination to make different shapes of style, and each lighting system with up to hundreds of kinds of novel design and cutting fine crystal and other accessories to choose from, novel and artistic effect.

such as fiber crystal ball and many optical fiber lamp selection, fiber and crystal combination can be made in many parts of the bright spot.

4, the use of optical fiber-----How to foil the environment: such as the large area of optical fiber applications, fiber waterfall and optical fiber curtain large area of application, will produce novel and unique effect, objectively contrast the environment, rendering the overall atmosphere of the place. 5, optical fiber transport-----How to enhance the style: The key lies in how to make full use of the advantages of optical fiber, such as the light point of the optical fiber is small, and crystal, glass and some jewelry effective combination, such as the production of crystal curtain, optical fiber glass, bubble ball, crystal inside the optical fiber such as fiber can produce a variety of color changes, through the related tail pieces of the combination of the whole wall color synchronization changes. such as the use of light source generator voice function, can make the optical fiber lighting changes and music exactly match, so that the changes in lighting completely into the overall environment.

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