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The Impact Of Technical Characteristics Of LED Lighting Products
Dec 05, 2018

The technical requirements for the production of LED whole lamps are not high, the investment is not large, and the rapid expansion of the market has led to a sharp expansion of the manufacturers. However, product and technological innovation are a shortcoming, resulting in serious product homogeneity. Upstream companies focus on marketing, and product competition is on price competition. 

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This is undoubtedly a misconception. Healthy channels + affordable products must be able to open the market. The reason is simple and clear, but the actual operation needs to be quantified. The development process from direction to quantity is to test the wisdom of the operators.

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In terms of LED products themselves, from appearance to structure, and even technical solutions can be easily combined, resulting in product diversity. In the future, the LED industry may form a state of separation of production R&D and sales. In addition to the existing sales model, the LED lighting products market may have supermarket-based LED lighting products, and the variety of LED lighting products in the corresponding regions. Enough to support the operation of a store.

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