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How Can LED Underwater Lights Be Waterproof
Dec 06, 2018

LED underwater light is a kind of underwater lighting with LED as the light source. The combination of red, green and blue is the perfect choice for fountains, theme parks, exhibitions, commercial and art lighting. In order to make the LED underwater light better heat dissipation, it is recommended to use the lighter below the water surface.

11 led flood light

In order to achieve a good waterproof effect of the LED underwater light, the protection effect of the LED underwater light should be above IP67, and the light can be placed below 5 meters from the water surface. The best projection angle is 25. The controller control achieves the synchronization effect and can be connected to the DMX console. Each unit has an independent address. The red, green and blue lights are respectively composed of three corresponding DMX channels. There are two control modes: external control and internal control. The internal control can be built with multiple change modes (up to six types) without an external controller, while the external control must be configured with an external control controller to achieve color change. Most of the outside control.

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