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SH-JD Series LED Point Source Instructions
Oct 29, 2018

Facade lighting LED Signal section: The lamp has five wires, red (+V positive), white (PO code), green (signal A/D+), blue (signal B/D-), black (negative/GND). In the male signal input termination controller, you must use the super five and use the Internet cable as the signal extension cable, the 8-core twisted pair network cable, and the two twisted pairs are a set of signal lines respectively connected to the lamps. 

led connector

For example, the network cable: the white line is connected to the black line (the black line is connected to a line to be used as the first light input terminal for the negative pole), the white and green are connected to the green line, the white and blue are connected to the blue line, and the white and orange are connected to the white line (the controller port) There is no need to connect the white line, and the code is reserved. It is connected to the controller port in turn. Pay attention to the controller port network cable to the first lamp of the lamp does not exceed 50 meters, do not connect the signal line less, and do not make the difference between the input and output terminals. 

led connector

(Special attention, if the joint is cut off at the site, the label should be labeled in time, and the input and output should be distinguished and then docked)

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