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Goldfinger Award-SH LED Point Light Source
Oct 29, 2018

facade lighting 4

Product Name: LED point light source

Model: KD42

Product features: innovative product structure, detachable structure LED point light source

Product specific parameters: KD42/DMX512/DC24V/1.5W

Case name in actual use: Abu Dhabi Government Office Building, UAE

2 facade led

Led point light source has been more and more popular over the world. SH LED help the city lighting decoration.

Landscape lighting led product-Made in Shenzhen,China

3 facade led

Extensive application: 

facade lighting

commercial building lighting

city celebration lighting

event lighting (such as Russia World Cup-Volgograd Tow Square)

intelligent building overall linkage proeject

theme park decoration

river lighting

3d led show realtime lighting

government building lighting

1 facade lighting 3

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