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The Status Of LED Lighting Industry
Dec 06, 2018

Characteristics of LED industry at home and abroad

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Countries such as Europe, America, and Japan have monopolized core technologies in high-end and mid-end areas such as semiconductor substrate materials, epitaxial wafers, chips, and packages, occupying a major global market share. The silicon substrate blue LED epitaxial wafer and chip technology independently researched and developed by Nanchang University in China once broke the situation of semiconductor lighting technology dominated by Nichia monopoly sapphire substrate and Cree monopoly silicon carbide substrate, indicating that the local industry is working hard under the pressure of increasing foreign investment. Enhance international competitiveness.

Although China's LED industry is basically starting at the same time with foreign countries, in the international industrial chain of semiconductor lighting, China is still in the middle and lower reaches. Most of the manufacturers are doing package processing with low technical content. Most of the core component technologies need to rely on. Imports, whether materials, equipment, chips, packaging, and application technology, have not yet achieved a real breakthrough.

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On the whole, the foreign LED industry is in the middle stage of the industrial development period, and China's LED industry is in the early stage of the industrial development period. This judgment from the perspective of life cycle is the result of a comprehensive analysis from the perspective of market size and structure, industry standards and technological innovation.

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