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LED Lighting Product Interface
Dec 05, 2018

The LED lamp with built-in power supply has only one external interface to the outside, such as E27, E14, E40, B22, etc. These interfaces are the interfaces of the early incandescent lamps and energy-saving lamps. The input voltage is the grid voltage, which directly replaces the incandescent. 

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Lights and energy-saving use, ordinary customers can replace it without problems. In addition, for example, panel lights and ceiling lamps, ceiling lamps, etc. are integrated with the light source and the light source. The structure of the lamp is integrated with the power source and the lamp, and only the power input line is externally connected, and the drive and the light source lamp are also separated. Such a lamp forms two interfaces, one is the interface between the LED light source and the driving power source, and the other is the interface between the driving power source and the input power grid. 

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Now these interfaces are part of the interface that used the previous lighting fixtures, and some are chosen by the manufacturer. In particular, the LED fluorescent lamps in the market, especially the brackets of ordinary fluorescent lamps used in the T8 tubes, are connected to the mains at the double end, one end is the neutral line, and one end is the live line. 

One type is single-ended access to the mains, two feet on one end, one is the zero line and the other is the live line, and the other end is vacant. Imagine that if the single-ended LED fluorescent lamp is damaged and the customer just buys a double-ended LED lighting product, it will cause problems.

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Nowadays, the two-terminal two-terminal LED of the double-ended LED fluorescent tube is connected, and the bracket of the single-ended LED fluorescent lamp is short-circuited immediately. A person with a little electrical common sense will understand the seriousness of the short circuit in the mains. Soon, manufacturers who produce single-ended LED fluorescent lamps will pay for their aesthetic habits and public inconsistencies. Because of the particularity of LED lighting products, the interface standards of previous lamps can not meet the needs of existing lamps, and because of safety issues, it is necessary to limit the LED lighting products that use existing lamps. What you need to do urgently is the limitation, and the interface must be restricted in terms of security. In addition to security issues, manufacturers can freely play and slowly explore suitable interfaces and access methods.

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