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Led Flood Light Tip
Nov 29, 2018

LED flood light installation and use 

    1. There are mounting holes on the base of the LED floodlight.

     2. Lift the base to the installation position.

     3. Use a pen or other tool to make the position of the screw on the wall.

     4. Drilling.

     5, install the base, stabilize the screws and so on.

     6. Adjust the screws on the retaining clips and adjust the energy-saving floodlights to the proper angle of illumination.

     7. There are three power lines at the bottom of the floodlight. ACPOWERINPUT is the AC mains input and is connected to the AC grid. This line is a 3-core line; the blue line is a zero line N, the brown-red line is a fire line L, and the yellow/yellow-green line is a ground line PE.

     The energy-saving floodlights can be installed in a single installation or combined with multiple lamps to be installed on a pole of 20m or more to form a high-pole lighting device. In addition to the beautiful appearance, centralized maintenance, reduced lamp pole and floor space, the biggest advantage of this device is its strong lighting function. When the light is projected from a high place, the spatial brightness of the environment is high, and the light coverage is large, giving a feeling of whiteness, so that the lighting quality and visual effect are high.

     Monochrome or internal control energy-saving floodlights are relatively simple to install, directly connect the lights to the corresponding power supply; installation of energy-saving floodlights: installation of internal control number energy-saving floodlights must be installed one by one in the order of the lights; If you do not install in order, the overall out-of-sync phenomenon will appear.

500w led flood light (4)

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