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Heat Dissipation Technology
Dec 04, 2018

For power LEDs, the drive current is generally several hundred milliamperes or more, and the current density of the PN junction is very large, so the temperature rise of the PN junction is very obvious. For packaging and application, how to reduce the thermal resistance of the product, so that the heat generated by the PN junction can be dissipated as soon as possible, not only can improve the saturation current of the product, improve the luminous efficiency of the product, but also improve the reliability and life of the product.

In order to reduce the thermal resistance of the product, the choice of packaging materials is particularly important, including heat sink, adhesive, etc., the thermal resistance of each material is low, that is, the thermal conductivity is required to be good. Secondly, the structural design should be reasonable, the thermal conductivity between the materials should be continuously matched, and the thermal connection between the materials is good, avoiding the heat dissipation bottleneck in the heat conduction channel and ensuring the heat is dissipated from the inner to the outer layer. 

At the same time, it is necessary to ensure that the heat is dissipated in time according to the pre-designed heat dissipation channel.

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