Event Stage Ws2811 3d Pixel Led Ball

Event Stage Ws2811 3d Pixel Led Ball

Quick Details Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland) Brand Name:SH Model Number:led ball light Application:Hotel, KTV,Festival decoration LED color:RGB IC type:WS2811/UCS1903/DMX512 Controller:SD Card SupplyAbility SupplyAbility:50000 Piece/Pieces per Day Packaging & Delivery Packaging...

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Quick Details

  • Brand Name:SH LED

  • Model Number:led ball light

  • Application:Hotel, KTV,Festival decoration

  • LED color:RGB

  • IC type:WS2811/UCS1903/DMX512

3d pixel ball

Product Description

led ball light outdoor 3D plastic christmas ball lights

1,These products are made by SMD3535  RGB high brightness LED, with big view angle.

2,Using TaiWan Epistar chip, with high brightness, lighting color consistency, good color saturation, strong stability etc.

3,With special snap joint constructoin, suitable for all kinds of board. 

4,With PU glue sealing, not easy to crack, high waterproof grade.

5,Cables and case are using anti-cold, anti-UV, anti-flamere sistant material, can be used in outdoor for long time.


holiday lighting 3d pixel ball

Item:  3D luminous ball 

IC type:UCS1903/WS2811/dmx512

LED type: 3535RGB, 6 pcs

Bulb Diameter: 35MM/50MM/28MM/32MM/20MM

Working voltage: DC24V/12V

Power: 1.44W/pc

Line length can be customized

1-50mm diameter LED Pixel ball housing by a plastic case in milky white color

2-Absolutely 360 degree lighting

3-Non-waterproof IP20 for indoor use only, waterproof IP65 can used outdoor

4- There are 20pcs pixel ball in a string, wire distance between each ball is 15cm,20AWG Copper wire

dj booth led light video wall screen dj facade led point light for facade lighting

pixel ball 2

Company Information 

1.Shenzhen SH LED Technology Co. LTD specialize in LED RGB Pixel lights , LED Pixel Light Source, LED Module, LED Module, LED Flexible Pixel strip LED Christmas lights etc..

2.We have won Strong credibility, Top service, Good quality( CE & RoHS certifications), and patent products.
3.We engaged in Lighting project animation and program solutions.
4.SH's successful application cases are all over the countries and cities which establish the good reputation.
5.Our belief is Lighting Up the World,Achievements Classic.

0 facade lighting led power supply

• IP65, easy for outdoor installation.

• 360 degrees viewable with the uniform luminance.

• RGB Full Colour.

• Low power consumption and heat.

• Easy to be connected and controlled with led decoder and DMX512 Controller.

• The ball is strong and anti-wrestling.

• The length can be customized. Easy to be cut and connected.

• The constant current led driver makes sure the stability and long life of the DMX ball.


it can use in the bridges,hotels,ktv bars,theme park sect decoration,it is a new type energy conservation and environmental protection lights for decoration.



01 facade lighting led power supply

facade lighting led power supply


Q1.Why choose our SH LED CO.,LTD

  A:We have advanced equipment, excellent production team, strict quality control,Welcome to visit the factory to comfirm

Q2. Can you accept sample order?

 A: Yes, It is acceptable ! it can be provided for quality check. 

Q3. Can you give me a better price?

 A: First , we are Manufacturer in China, If you have big demand on quantity, we can apply  a discounted prices for you , please contact us to get some discounts!

Our LED experts are always here to help! Whether you need assistance designing your lighting plan or installing your products, we're standing by to assist!

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last of all

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1, electrical characteristics

Includes volt-ampere characteristics, allowable power dissipation, response time, capacitance-voltage characteristics, and more.

2, optical performance characteristics

Including spectral characteristics, light distribution characteristics, etc., mainly for brightness or lumen value, light decay, failure rate, light efficiency, consistency and optical distribution characteristics. The peak wavelength and half brightness are usually used to describe the spectral distribution of the spectral characteristics.

3, thermal characteristics

Reflects heat-related characteristics such as junction temperature changes and thermal resistance.

High-brightness LED is used as the light source, long life, low function, die-cast aluminum lamp body, PC lampshade, green and environmental protection.

Like the stars in the sky, it gives people unlimited imagination.

Using the dot matrix combination principle, LED computer digital program controller system is used to realize different types of animation (Gif, Flash), dot matrix text, graphics (JPG, BMP), and various lighting effects.

(1) small size

Compared with the traditional light source, the LED light source is small in size and light in weight, and can be fabricated into various shapes of devices, which is convenient for arrangement and design of various lamps and equipments, has strong adaptability and wide application range.

(2) Good environmental performance

Since the LED light source does not need to add metallic mercury in the production process, the LED will not cause mercury pollution after being discarded, and the waste can be almost completely recycled, which not only saves resources but also protects the environment.

(3) Safe and stable

The LED light source can be driven by low-voltage direct current. The general supply voltage is between 6~24V, so the safety performance is better, especially suitable for public places. In addition, under the conditions of better external environment, the LED light source has less light decay and longer life than the conventional light source, and even if it is frequently switched, it does not affect its service life.

(4) Good seismic and impact resistance

The basic structure of the LED light source is an electroluminescent semiconductor material placed on a leaded shelf and then sealed with epoxy resin. There is no glass casing on the structure, and it does not need to be inside the lamp like incandescent or fluorescent lamps. Drain or rush into a specific gas. Therefore, the LED light source has good seismic and impact resistance, which brings convenience to its production, transportation and use.

(5) strong directivity

Compared with the traditional light source, the light emitted by the LED light source is oriented, and most of the light emitted from the LED can be directly directed to the illuminated surface, and the utilization rate is much higher than that of the conventional light source.

(6) Fast response time

The incandescent lamp has a response time of milliseconds and the LED light source has a response time of nanoseconds. Therefore, it is widely used in the field of traffic signals and car signal lights.

(7) High luminous efficiency

With the development of LED lighting technology, the luminous efficiency of LED light source has been increased from less than 10 lm/W to more than 100 lm/W, and its luminous efficiency still has a great potential for improvement.

(8) rich in light color

The LED light source can realize the light emission and discoloration of various colors in the visible light band by changing the current, the chemical modification, the monochromatic light mixing, etc., and can be made into a light source of various color temperatures even for the white light LED. Therefore, it has obvious advantages in interior lighting and landscape lighting.

(9) No flicker, no UV

The LED light source adopts DC power supply, the light is stable and does not flicker, and the spectrum is mainly concentrated in the visible light region, and there is basically no interference of ultraviolet rays or infrared radiation, thereby avoiding the adverse effects caused by the stroboscopic effect and improving the comfort of the human eye.

(10) Brightness is adjustable

According to the principle of illumination of the LED light source, the luminance or output luminous flux of the LED changes substantially with the current. The working current can be large or small within the rated range, and has good adjustability, which lays a foundation for the LED light source to achieve on-demand illumination and brightness stepless control.

It is precisely because LED light source has the advantages that the above traditional light source can't match, so LED light source has become the focus and direction of the development of lighting industry in various countries. Traditional light source.

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