T-300K LED Controller For Landscape Lighting

T-300K LED Controller For Landscape Lighting

300K controller can only be combined with the new version software LedEdit2014 . Using the old software does not support the new version of the controller, the new version of the controller has been printed the Chinese sign.

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T-300K LED Controller

1. T-300k System features

A. 32—256 grade Gray level,Support software Gamma correction。

B. Support the rules and special-shaped handle.

C. 8 ports output,one port can support 512-1024 lamp pixels.

D. Online (also can SD Card) control, offline control Can be multiple controllers used in combination,

the contents of the line control program stored in the SD card.

E. Compatible with single line or double line chips.

F. If the controller to the lamps distance can choose photoelectric isolated transmission and as far as

several distances of up to 200-300 M

Note: the T-300 K controller offline control, each machine controller must put a SD card.

2015 Edition T-300K controller can only be combined with the new version software LedEdit2014 .

Using the old software does not support the new version of the controller, the new version

of the controller has been printed the Chinese sign.

0 led landscape lighting

NOTE:if chip is 256 grade gray level and Singleline IC choose .When programming choice high speed mode

and one interface controls 1024 lamps the play speed can reach 30 frames/s. Double-line IC or single-line IC with low speed , one interface controls 512 lamps the play speed can reach 30 frames/s.

00 led landscape lighting000 led landscape lighting

3.  wiring diagram

1. The data port of the controller must be connect with the signal output of led lighting

If the led lighting is dmx led lighting , the B output connect with the data port of controller

2. The clock port of the controller must be connector with the clock port of lighting

If the led lighting is dmx led lighting , the A output connect with the clock port of controller

3.The controller is connected by via the built-in switch

4.The IP address of the computer should be set to:

5.The GND of controller must be connector with the GND of led lighting

1. The data port of the controller must be connect with the signal output of led lighting If the led lighting is dmx led lighting , the B output connect with the data port of controller 2. The clock port of the controller must be connector with the clock port of lighting If the led lighting is dmx led lighting , the A output connect with the clock port of controller 3.The controller is connected by via the built-in switch 4.The IP address of the computer should be set to: 5.The GND of controller must be connector with the GND of led lighting
if chip is 256 grade gray level and Singleline IC choose .When programming choice high speed mode and one interface controls 1024 lamps the play speed can reach 30 frames/s. Double-line IC or single-line IC with low speed , one interface controls 512 lamps the play speed can reach 30 frames/s.
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