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SH LED Six Diligence Learning
Nov 13, 2018

Six diligence learning meeting

Total 3 days learning

Great learning meeting , SH LED team got a lot from this.

Be thankful in life.

1. pays no less than anyone’s efforts

2. be modest, don't be proud

3. we must reflect every day.

4.Thank you, thank you.

5. good deeds, Slie

6. Don't have emotional troubles

1 facade led light SH LED

Inamori Kazuo was born in Kagoshima, Japan in 1932. He graduated from the Faculty of Engineering of Kagoshima University in 1955. At the age of 27, he founded Kyoto Ceramics Co., Ltd. (now known as Kyocera Corporation), and at the age of 52, he founded Second Electric Co., Ltd. (now KDDI, currently the second largest communication company in Japan after NTT). Both companies are He entered the world's top 500 when he started his business for about 40 years.

Inamori Kazuo is one of Japan’s “Holy Saints”, which is known as Matsushita’s founder, Matsushita’s founder. In addition to his career success, Inamori Kasumi founded the Inamori Foundation in 1984 and created the Kyoto Prize in the same year to recognize those who have made outstanding contributions to the development of human society.

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