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SH-JD Series LED Point Light Control Part
Oct 29, 2018

Controller part: 8-port controller, which lamp is used for each port, how many lights are included, should be clearly defined, and the label is attached to facilitate post-commissioning. If you do not distinguish the port, debugging will waste a lot of time to find the port. 

1 facade led

It is important that the port distribution is inaccurate and will affect the final rendering. There are five types of unshielded network cables between the controller and the controller. The maximum distance is no more than 100 meters, and the transmission range is over 100 meters. 

2 facade led

It can be transmitted by fiber or wirelessly. Multiple controllers are connected synchronously. The cable head of the network cable is both 568B lines.

The pressure method of the sequence, the crystal head also chooses the connector with five or more types of quality (note the quality of the material, the quality will affect the signal transmission)

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