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Lighting Design Industry Trends
Nov 05, 2018

There are more ways to combine mobile internet and smart lighting. For example, accurate positioning and navigation in the interior of the LED industry has been brought to the attention of the LED industry through the use of light signals. The control system performs real-time monitoring and collection of various lightings when intelligently controlling the terminal lighting. Information, and then analyze and process big data through cloud computing, and finally realize the functions of active inquiry, active control, remote maintenance and anti-theft monitoring of the lighting system; APP products based on intelligent lighting control will be better for commercial lighting. Project services, through APP products, not only enhance the interaction and experience of consumers and commercial lighting design environment, but also help merchants collect user information and form a sales database...

  Driven by the mobile Internet, the traditional marketing business model has lost its competitiveness, because consumers are changing, buying behavior is changing, and this change is almost irreversible, and corporate marketing reform is imperative. “Micro-Marketing” is becoming a marketing method that many merchants are eager to try. Topsnow Lighting believes that the use of Weibo, WeChat and other emerging network platforms for marketing design in the lighting design industry, in addition to saving marketing costs, is also more attractive to young consumers. attention. The full integration of lighting design and the Internet not only helps the lighting industry to win wider attention, but also has the opportunity to guide the consumption trend with lighting design as a foothold.

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