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Light Source Selection Of Building Illumination
Jun 25, 2018

1 in damp place, should adopt the corresponding protection grade waterproof lamp or with the water lamp open type lamp; 2 words corrosive gas or the place to be worthy of, it is advisable to use anti-corrosion closed-type lamps.

Weak using open type lamps, each part should be anti-corrosion or waterproof measures;

3 in High-temperature places, it is advisable to use heat dissipation performance, high-temperature-resistant lamps;

4 in the place where there is dust, should be in accordance with the protection of dust-proof level to choose the appropriate lighting;

5 in the installed Hammer, large bridge crane, such as vibration, swing larger places to use lamps, should be anti-vibration and prevent the fall off measures;

6 in the vulnerable to mechanical damage, the light source may cause injury or financial loss of the place used in the lighting, should be protective measures;

7 in the explosion or fire hazards in the use of lighting, should comply with the relevant national standards and norms related to the relevant provisions;

8 in the place where there is cleanliness requirements, should be used not easy to accumulate dust, easy to wipe clean lamps; 9 in the need to prevent ultraviolet radiation in the place, should be used in ultraviolet lamp or no purple lamps.

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