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LED Point Light Source Application Skills
Oct 22, 2018

Fault 1. After the rain, the whole animation effect is completely messed up, or the screen is printed, and some places are not lit, and the signal can not be transmitted.

The cause of this failure is a short circuit in the water, usually caused by two conditions, one is congenital, one is acquired.

1. The reason for the day after tomorrow is that the waterproof measures at the signal connectors are not well done during the installation process. At this time, you need to find the wiring where the abnormal place occurs, re-wrapped, and waterproof measures. This fault can be cleared.

2, the innate reason is that if your exposed light is a glue injection process, then the water short circuit is a matter of time. Maybe some friends will say that I have painted waterproof glue on the lamp board inside. This is called palliative and not a cure. The waterproof glue itself is relatively brittle, and it is easy to crack after a long time, so short circuit of water inlet is possible.

In this case, there is no other way, only to change the lights! Get bored with you!

Therefore, no matter who you choose, you must first choose the full manual glue. This kind of light string can be truly waterproof, and the source is guaranteed not to enter the water.

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