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About Led Linear Light
Nov 07, 2018

Led linear light,when it comes to high-power products, it will be lifted to constant current drive. What is Led constant current drive? Regardless of the change in load size, the circuit where Led's current remains unchanged is called Led constant current drive. If the line lamp facade is driven by a 350MA Led constant current drive, the purpose of driving with Led constant current is to improve the life and light decay of the LED. The choice of the constant current source is based on its efficiency and stability, and the efficiency of the constant current source is selected as much as possible, so that the energy loss and temperature can be reduced.

led linear light (6)

Led linear light lamp manufacturer's Led line lamp when installing, depends on the height requirements of the lighting, and there is a certain gap between the wall and the wall, only the high-power led linear light lamp can be done. The led linear light is low-powered and difficult to handle. And linear light are more difficult to dissipate heat and waterproof, and need to be more detailed planning.

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