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media facade a future trend
Oct 25, 2018

Before the advent of media and media buildings, lighting has always been at the end of a role in the construction of the entire city, and its image will not compete with architects or planners or landscape architects. But after the emergence of the media facade and media buildings, after reaching or even surpassing the limelight and influence of the original building, the debate must exist. 

The debate between architects and lighting designers is a good thing, with questions about values and voice. The design of the building is a reflection of the city, the place and the entire human environment. It is a very deep urban discipline with a history of two thousand years. 

Today, when lighting designers and architects, or landscape architects and urban builders discuss the issue of urban construction, lighting designers have the right to speak, so how to speak, you need lighting designers to go Thinking, you can't just talk about problems from the perspective of lighting product technology, but talk about problems from other values. Only when values take the lead can they have the right to speak.

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