Event Stage Smart Led Pixel Dot

Event Stage Smart Led Pixel Dot

SH LED Event Stage Smart Led Pixel Dot. 1.80mm diameter LED pixel housing by a plastic case,fiber PCB,white only 2. plastic case color:frosted and transparent. 3.Input:dc24V 12pcs SMD3535 RGB 4.Waterproof IP68 made by silicon glue on side of PCB 5.Waterproof wire connector 6.Each Pixel LED comes with a plastis screw for installation use.

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SH LED Event Stage Smart Led Pixel Dot IP68 smd3535 rgb 80mm led point pixel sources for landscape lighting

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SH-JD80 led pixel light sources


Full Color led pixel dot

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1.80mm led point light source are made by smd3535 rgb high brightness led,with big view angle.

2.Use Epistar led chip, support customize. Main use for outdoor lighting project.

3.With special plastic snap joint construction,easy to install.

4.There are about 5 ways for installation, for special design for different project demand.

5.With PU glue sealing,IP68 grade.

6.Cables and case are using anti-cold,anti-UV,V-0, flameresistant. All with the certification and report for testing, can be used for outdoor for long time.

KTV, Disco, Bar, bridge lighting,night club and other stage light,commercial Light,landscape lighting.

0 SH LED Event Stage Smart Led Pixel Dot

00 SH LED Event Stage Smart Led Pixel Dot

000 SH LED Event Stage Smart Led Pixel Dot

  1. shopping malls decorative lighting

  2.  Television awards and game shows

  3. Indoor decoration used in stage, bar, club, hotel or any other entertainment places

  4. Interior design for clubs, coffee / wine bars, shopping malls museums,themed enviroments

  5. Irregular design of body decoration,  hotels, clubs, KTV places such as polygonal walls, drop ceilings and groove design.

00 SH LED 80mm Entertainment Lighting DVI Led Pixel Dotntertainment Lighting DVI Led Pixel Dot

Power Test: Input Voltage 24V, Ta=25℃±5℃ , 30min .
Temperature Test : Input Voltage:25V 30min .
Drop Test : Free fall at 1.2m height , 10 Cycles .
Thermal Shock : -40℃(30min) ~ 100℃ (30min) , 200 Cycles .
Salt Spray Test : Salt 5% , 72H .
UV Test : UV-A, 350-400nm, 60℃ , 72H .
Switching Cycle Test : ON 25 second / OFF 5 second , 5000 cycle .
Puncture Test : DC 500V , Once .
ESD Test : 3000V , Once .
Temperature test : -30℃~65℃,RH 85% , 72H .
Tensile test : 20KG , Once .
Vibration test : Horizontal and vertical direction , 4H .
IP Rating : IP68 0.5m underwater , 48H .
Flame Retardance : UL94-V0 , 10 Cycle.
Event Stage Smart Led Pixel Dot
Installation way (flexible way suitable for anyway your project demand):
1)Install by Aluminum
2)Install by steel wire and plastic snap joint
3)Through hole install the led light
4)Fix the led light by 3M glue on the back of it
5)Use the bracket and screw to fix the led light on the facade or building
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