Christmas Deco Lighting Smart Led Pixel Dot

Christmas Deco Lighting Smart Led Pixel Dot

Christmas Deco Lighting Smart Led Pixel Dot.Taiwan Epistar chip, also support customize, with high brightness, lightness color consistency,good color saturation, strong stability etc. Main use for outdoor lighting project.

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Christmas Deco Lighting Smart Led Pixel Dot

The led pixel lights can be installed on wall or ceiling with a panel, just like it as the attached photos.

Led point light sources are widely used because they do not have the disadvantages of heat radiation and corresponding gas discharge sources.

You  can only buy the led pixel light, you also can buy the pixel lights with our aluminum panel. This led pixel matrix light is widely used for night club, disco, bar, Casino, Mall lighting decoration project.

Product Name:

42mm LED pixel light

Product diameter:


Product voltage:


Product power:


Product lamp beads:

3535GB /rgbw* 6pcs





Shell optional:

lens / milky white / diamond-like/ect

Shell material:

PC shell bulletproof plastic +ABS

IC Type:

UCS2903 / DMX512

Product line length:

20CM, support customize

Waterproof performance:


Applicable temperature:

-20 degrees -- +60 degrees

Line Color:


Control mode:



>=120 °

Working time:


Warranty: 2years


0 Christmas Deco Lighting Smart Led Pixel Dot0 SH LED Events Decoration DMX Led Pixel Dot1 SH LED Events Decoration DMX Led Pixel DotSH LED Events Decoration DMX Led Pixel Dot

exhibition led pixel dotSH LED facade lighting

the point light source does not exist in reality, and refers to a light source that uniformly emits light from a point to the surrounding space.

Low power consumption & operating voltage, safe and energy-saving.

Superbright SMD LED & viewing angle, high brightness output.

facade mesh lighting (4)

Power Test: Input Voltage 24V, Ta=25℃±5℃ , 30min .
Temperature Test : Input Voltage:25V 30min .
Drop Test : Free fall at 1.2m height , 10 Cycles .
Thermal Shock : -40℃(30min) ~ 100℃ (30min) , 200 Cycles .
Salt Spray Test : Salt 5% , 72H .
UV Test : UV-A, 350-400nm, 60℃ , 72H .
Switching Cycle Test : ON 25 second / OFF 5 second , 5000 cycle .
Puncture Test : DC 500V , Once .
ESD Test : 3000V , Once .
Temperature test : -30℃~65℃,RH 85% , 72H .
Tensile test : 20KG , Once .
Vibration test : Horizontal and vertical direction , 4H .
IP Rating : IP68 0.5m underwater , 48H .
Flame Retardance : UL94-V0 , 10 Cycle.
Christmas Deco Lighting Smart Led Pixel Dot
Installation way (flexible way suitable for anyway your project demand):
1)Install by Aluminum
2)Install by steel wire and plastic snap joint
3)Through hole install the led light
4)Fix the led light by 3M glue on the back of it
5)Use the bracket and screw to fix the led light on the facade or building
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