Waterproof Curtain 50mm 3D LED Ball Sphere

Waterproof Curtain 50mm 3D LED Ball Sphere

1. This 360 degree 50mm 3D DMX RGB LED pixel ball is made of 50mm diameter roud pleastic case in milky white cover that is absolutely 360 view. 2. 360 degree 50mm 3D DMX RGB LED pixel ball signal is different with normal SPI led pixel lights like ws2801, ucs1903 led pixel lights. DMXled products protocl is DMX512 that signal is parallel not series. That parallel DMX512 signal advantage could avoid LEDs color influenced by the failure of one light in serial connection

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1. ucs1903/ws2811/dmx512 IC control,Each can be addressable individually.

2. Adopted RGB SMD LED as light source,High brightness and more reliable.

3. Double sides lighting design,360 degree viewing

4. Easy installation,convenient maintenance,reliable and safety with low voltage input

5. Application place: Night club,disco, staging light,and event etc.

6. 360°viewing allows designers to set their imagination freely.

7. The color can be customized. 

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led light christmas ball

led light christmas ballled light christmas ball

led light christmas ball


Product use

1. Disco, Night club, Stage performance that need 3D mapping effects.

2. Irregular design of body decoration,  hotels, clubs, KTV places such as polygonal walls, drop ceilings and groove design.

3.Home cove trim ,door frames, bar, wine cabinet, wardrobe, TV cabinet.

led light christmas ball 


Company Information 

SH LED established in 2009,is a professional high tech Led enterprises engaged in R&D,production sales and service .

Company have been one of the largest manufacturers in led pixel light,landscape lighting, various LED lighting festival, and building lighting projects.

We have developed our own advertising light source and lighting products,Own Patent.Advertising light source services :Led Pixel Light,led point light source,3d pixel led ball, 3D Pixel light, Led controller and accessories, and led software support, widely used in facade lighting, landscape lighting,architectural lighting and urban lighting projects.

Power Test: Input Voltage 24V, Ta=25℃±5℃ , 30min .
Temperature Test : Input Voltage: 25V 30min .
Drop Test : Free fall at 1.2m height , 10 Cycles .
Thermal Shock : -40℃(30min) ~ 100℃ (30min) , 200 Cycles .
Salt Spray Test : Salt 5% , 72H .
UV Test : UV-A, 350-400nm, 60℃ , 72H .
Switching Cycle Test : ON 25 second / OFF 5 second , 5000 cycle .
Puncture Test : DC 500V , Once .
ESD Test : 3000V , Once .
Temperature test : -30℃~65℃,RH 85% , 72H .
Tensile test : 20KG , Once .
Vibration test : Horizontal and vertical direction , 4H .
IP Rating : IP68 0.5m underwater , 48H .
Flame Retardance : UL94-V0 , 10 Cycle.
Installation way (flexible way suitable for anyway your project demand)
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