High Power Led Wall Washer Light

High Power Led Wall Washer Light

The lights are washed like water, and are mainly used for architectural decoration lighting. They are also used to outline the large buildings. Because of the energy saving, high luminous efficiency, rich colors and long life, LEDs are used in other light sources. Wall washers are gradually replaced by LED wall washers. The technical parameters of LED wall washers are similar to those of LED floodlights.

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SH LED wall washer light, ultra-bright+full pixel control, can providing intense light for color, white, or blacklight applications. With available pixel mapping of the individual LEDs and controllable electronic dimming, strobe, and pulse effects, designers can achieve a variety of exciting looks. A removable diffuser/lens increases the beam angle, and brackets are available for floor or truss mounting. The LED source and rugged, lightweight construction make it ideal for live shows, TV events, stage, concerts, and nightclubs.

Electronic dimming, strobe, and pulse effects

big beam angles available


Full pixel control of individual LEDs

Removable diffuser/lens that increases the beam angle

Electronic dimming and Strobe

Brackets are available for floor or truss mounting

Lightweight construction

facade led lighting 2

facade led lighting 4

facade led lighting 1

For LED products for general lighting, the IEC classifies the lumen maintenance rate for a limited time; Luminous maintenance test for Led modules and luminaires; Place the led line lamp in a room with a room temperature of 60 ° C; set the vibration speed to 300 rpm, the amplitude is set to 2.54 cm, and start the vibrometer; Low temperature and low pressure and its impact test: put the LED line lamp in a test box, where the temperature can adjust the temperature change rate; Target: led line light (finished lamps with leddriver) led line light vibration test; Test requirements: After the vibration test, the parts can not fall off, the structure is damaged, and the lighting is not bright.
Easy install by bracket and screw Quality material for good installation
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