Addressable DMX 3535 RGB Led Pixel Point Light

Addressable DMX 3535 RGB Led Pixel Point Light

SH LED is a comprehensive high-tech enterprise engaged in the research, development, design, manufacture and marketing of LED outdoor lighting engineering lamps. Its products mainly include: LED line lights, LED guardrail tubes, LED point light sources, LED wall washers, etc. Suitable for commercial and outdoor lighting engineering products. Products used in real estate, commercial buildings, hotels, night KTV, park bridges and other lighting decoration projects. With stable products, it has become a cooperative manufacturer of many outdoor lighting engineering companies.

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Individually control: 3 PCS LED pixel & 1IC 

 Color and effect: addressable lights you can set to any color, or animate, like running water,chasing and scanning etc. depending on the different installation methods may compose different dynamic
     effect of different color's character and design.

 Combination: PVC shell(thermostability, cold-resistant, resistant to UV) and PCB board, connector cables.

 Waterproof: IP68, with silicon glue waterproof protection.

 Installation: Easy to install.

 With features of high brightness, low power dissipation, long lifespan, low Voltage, low decline, colorful.

 Power supply: You must use a 12V DC  power supply to power this pixel, do not use higher than 24V
     or you can destroy the entire pixel.

 Connetors:5PIN, female and male connectors, also can be waterproof connectors, DAT,signal A ,signal B DC12V+, GND-,
     each led pixel is seperate, you can connect them one by one via male and female connectors easliy.

 Factory sales directly, good quality and price, offer 3 years warranty and quikly after-sale service.

33mm led point light source  (4)

Technology using glue and injection process . the advantage of high waterproof ,anti-uv ,anti -yellow 
Using crystal wire, it has high temperature and cold resistance
Flat back, can be installed with glass glue,easy installation in wall or glass.
SD card offline control, line control video playback, up to 32-4096-level grayscale.
Uniform soft light distribution, glare-free design 
Adopting perfect optical design,big view angle ,high brightness and light transmittance energy saving and environmental protecting.
High-quality PC housing material ,With anti -UV ,Anti-aging ,Anti-high and low temperature.
Hole mounting or screw installation ,connected by single connector ,easy to install and repair.
DC12V input ,can be in direct contact with the human body, safe operation, easy maintenance.

led pixel dot33mm led point light source  (5)33mm led point light source  (3)

Power Test: Input Voltage 12V, Ta=25℃±5℃ , 30min .
Temperature Test : Input Voltage:13V 30min .
Drop Test : Free fall at 1.2m height , 10 Cycles .
Thermal Shock : -40℃(30min) ~ 100℃ (30min) , 200 Cycles .
Salt Spray Test : Salt 5% , 72H .
UV Test : UV-A, 350-400nm, 60℃ , 72H .
Switching Cycle Test : ON 25 second / OFF 5 second , 5000 cycle .
Puncture Test : DC 500V , Once .
ESD Test : 3000V , Once .
Temperature test : -30℃~65℃,RH 85% , 72H .
Tensile test : 20KG , Once .
Vibration test : Horizontal and vertical direction , 4H .
IP Rating : IP68 0.5m underwater , 48H .
Flame Retardance : UL94-V0 , 10 Cycle.
Installation way (flexible way suitable for anyway your project demand):
1)Install by Aluminum
2)Install by steel wire and plastic snap joint
3)Through hole install the led light
4)Fix the led light by 3M glue on the back of it
5)Use the bracket and screw to fix the led light on the facade or building
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